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Drink New Blood[edit | edit source]

Some days I feel as technologically savvy as Fred Flintstone. I started the week out by dropping my cell phone into my own Jack and Coke and now our office phone is making clicking sounds (Baron's convinced I spilled coffee on it). Coincidence, or do I have highly magnetic bad tech juju blood flowing through me?

Speaking of radioactive blood, I liked, but did not love, last week’s issue of Amazing Spider-Man (issue 588).  My only complaint is that I wanted to see Spidey publically cleared of the murder charges against him. I’m assuming this occured off camera. That aside, this issue proves why it was such a good idea to bring Harry Osborn back from the dead and Klaus Janson inking John Romita Jr’s pencils is always a thing of beauty.

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Hector's Journal[edit | edit source]

Mayor Of Mars[edit | edit source]

Martian Mayor


This dude is going to lose his pension
Posted on 2009-03-23 @ http://www.pietheory.com/

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