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The Baron Files

I Don't Like People Creeping Around!

Hey campers! I was heading out for a little late morning sippy and these two ass wipes kept following me. Creepy bastards! Here I sit drinking some rooibos at my favorite tea house (you guys know which one right?) and they are still watching me from outside. WTF? If they follow me when I leave, all hell is going to pop! I really DON'T like people creeping around.

Don't mess with the Baron or you get the horns!


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Hector's Journal

Shape of things of to come

So, arriving at the PIE headquarters today, I was greeted by some strange symbols taped to the side of the garage. It seems some one wanted to share their biological opinion of our work.

Baron and I are used to be called names on the internet and at family functions but this delivery was a first. I don't know if I'll ever get the smell out of my clothes.

As for the symbols themselves, I'm working on decoding them. Right now they look like pizza slices (maybe that's because Barons behind me moaning about being hungry).

We'll post a video and see if anybody out there recognizes em. Or wants to take credit.

In other ground breaking news, today was new comic book day. I picked up Amazing Spider-Man 589 and New Avengers 51. Bendis does a great job of acknowledging Brand New Day continuity while completely subverting it. The Spidey issue was a nice done in one that checked back in with forgotten villain the Spot. A filler issue but also well done.

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Message at PIE HQ

Baron's Response to Our Friendly Neighborhood Message