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Awright varmints, I got a head full of ideas and I need some help sorting it out. The answers I feel are within our grasp.

1) Some one left us a message in Cuneiform. I think I’ve been looking at this from the inside out and not the outside in. Where would the PIE site, The JUMP, Baron or I intersect with Cuneiform? I went to the library and looked up our community as a stranger might. By altering my environmental conditioning, I was able to see it plainly.

Our jump theory starts at the birthplace of civilization in ancient Mesopotamia. The Babylonians within a very short period of time developed written language, laws and the good ol’ wheel. The language of course was Cuneiform. I should note the Cuneiform left for us seems to be from a middle or later period. Possibly Akkadian. This makes me think the writer of the message isn’t an expert on Cuneiform or they would have left us an earlier version.

2) Jessica is sure these symbols are a number sequence, but I can’t see where they fit as such, yet. Reading up on it, it seems Cuneiform can be interpreted different ways depending on the grouping. This book on Assyrian languages talks about Syllabic and Ideographic values. Meaning the symbol could produce a sound, or represent an action.,M1

3) Now this is the part that worries me. As some of you have pointed out, there is a large gap in the middle of our Jump timeline. I do have theories related to this era of history but because exact dates are impossible to account for, and because the concept of Alien visitation was preceded by divine intervention, I found most things from this era were a rat’s nests of inconsistencies. Descriptions of spaceships exist in Hindu, Hebrew and Buddhist texts. Images of spaceships adorn ancient coins; cave walls, artifacts, and classical paintings. Don’t get me started on the Pyramids; we still can’t build those today.

But to associate these events with technological breakthroughs without hard dates would be irresponsible and cast the rest of our theory in doubt. But I do think the mythology of beings like Kukulkan and Viracocha are important to the JUMP. Even if I can’t prove it.

I’m spending less time wondering who left us that message and more time wondering whom it’s for.


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The Baron FilesEdit

More People Following Me!Edit

Molten crap on a crispy cracker, what the hell is going on? The never ending parade of "watchers" continues. Who the f@$k are these people and why are they interested in me? I mean shit, all I do is eat, go to the gym, watch porn, and shop for the finest rock star clothing planet earth has to offer. Maybe I should wander up and ask if the want my autograph? Heh, I would be happy to write it with my fist. Keep on moving people, there is nothing here to see.

The worst was lunch this afternoon. You guys know where I go, Cafe ******. I was sitting outside enjoying a rare sunny San Francisco afternoon when a car pulls up. 4 guys (all wearing shades) start staring at me. All I wanted to do was eat my egg white and chicken omelet in peace. But no, this car load of ass hats had to make me feel all creepy. You ever try eating with an audience? It is a tough nut to crack. You end up feeling all self-conscious and itchy. To vent my growing displeasure, I shot them a sustained bird and dug in. Imagine my surprise when there was no reaction. Weird. I was more than happy to pay my bill and slip out through the side door. But now I am all paranoid; I keep looking over my shoulder ever few steps. Damn, this is not how I want to live. Call me eccentric, but I have a feeling the stuff on the side of our building and being followed is just the twisted tip of a rotten iceberg.

Gotta zap on off campers. Time for another whey protein isolate shake and a handful of supplements. I need to keep my strength up and be ready for just about anything.


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