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The Baron Files

Frustration Without Much Elation!

Hey there campers and leg crampers, it is your old pal Baron checking in from the edge of the universe. Allow me to vent for a moment: what a shitty week so far! All the stuff going on around Hec & I would make a week from hell look like a tropical paradise. A quick recap for those living under a worm filled rock or hindered with perpetual blinders:

1. Somebody (or something) broken into PIE HQ, trashed our crappy office and left a rather cryptic message on the walls. It read “Your Wishes Will Fry Like Fishes” and was surrounded with the same strange symbols we found outside the other day. Cleaning the place up was a pain in the starfish and the walls are still a mess, but things are looking up.

2. Today, a strange van full of shifty looking bastards was parked in front of PIE HQ. Like inquisitive vultures, they just sat there and stared. It was driving me crazy! I finally couldn’t take it anymore and decided a little action was in order. I confronted two guys dressed in blue jumpsuits and they never said a word. They just stared at me like soulless zombies. To say it was creepy is the understatement of the year; those two guys were not right at all. They just got back into the van and continued staring. I don’t like this crap at all and am not letting it go. When it gets dark, I am going to sneak out and try to get the license plate number without being noticed. I need to find out who owns that damn van!

Wish me luck and I will gab at you guys when there is something to report. Off I go to lift some weights before my night of being a ninja begins!


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