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The Baron Files

A Day Trip Into The Woods

Well, I am ready to go back (I think). We have got a rare sunny San Francisco day and I plan on making the most of it. My pockets are packed with protein bars, I got a good pump on from the gym, and I am fully ready to kick some ass if need be. If anything creeps my way it is toast! Nothing is going to stop me from getting back to that tree today. I want to know more...hell, I have got to know more. All of these mysteries swirling around my head are becoming a major pain in the ass. I need some clarity and will do whatever it takes. And Hector staying behind is really a blessing in disguise. I mean really, what the hell would he do if we were attacked? Curl up in the fetal position and cry? I have no time for weakness; there is too much at stake these days for mistakes. I am wired to push on no matter what the odds and that is exactly what I will do. So open up your fu@king secrets woods...the mighty Baron machine is coming and I am ready to flip you the bird!


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